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Smart, Brave, Healthy


Relationship Education for Students & Teens in Lancaster, PA


Navigating friendship, dating, and love

You're Worth it!

Our curricula gives students the tools they need to maintain healthy friendships, understand consent, navigate conflict, spot relationship "red flags," skillfully handle breakups, and more!


Who you are and why it matters

Who you are matters!

Our inclusive, evidence-based lessons help students feel empowered to set boundaries, respect other perspectives, understand media influences on their thinking, and set "now goals" for "later dreams."

Sexual Health

It doesn't have to be complicated.

Empower, Encourage, Educate

We'll share risk prevention strategies that affirm individual worth in an age-appropriate, inclusive, and trauma-informed way.

Just the Facts

Medically-accurate, evidence-based information

Decisive Truths

We provide up-to-date, unbiased facts so you and your child can make informed decisions

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Dynamic Lessons

Activity-based, hands-on, and interactive

REAL Essentials

We use REAL Essentials in the classroom—a highly acclaimed curricula that is suited for both middle and high school students.

What's REAL Essentials?

Lancaster County

Our program is currently available to middle and high schools in Lancaster, PA!

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We'd love to bring our proven, certified curriculum to your school!

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What Students Are Saying

Actual Responses from Empowered Youth Students

12th grade student

I learned how to maintain healthy relationships and how to leave an unhealthy one.

12th grade student

I feel comfortable and empowered!

11th grade student

Every school should have the opportunity to have this class!

12th grade student

I learned that a good relationship looks very different than what is shown in today's world.

7th grade student

Thanks for the tips on how to feel happier and have a fuller heart!

8th grade student

I liked how kind you were and how much effort you put into getting to know us and care about us.

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