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Smart, Brave, Healthy


Relationship Education for Students & Teens in Lancaster, PA


Navigating friendship, dating, & love

You're Worth it!

Our curricula gives students the tools they need to maintain healthy friendships, understand consent, navigate conflict, spot relationship "red flags", skillfully handle breakups, and more!


Who you are and why it matters

Who you are matters!

Our inclusive, evidence-based lessons help students feel empowered to set boundaries, respect other perspectives, understand media influences on their thinking, and set "now goals" for "later dreams."

Sexual Health

It doesn't have to be complicated.

Empower, Encourage, Educate

We'll share risk prevention strategies that affirm individual worth in an age-appropriate, inclusive, and trauma-informed way.

All lessons are inclusive, evidence-based, and medically accurate.

In Person & Online

In-person and LIVE remote learning classroom presentations available.

Flexibile Learning

Our instructors and curriculum are flexible and adaptable to whatever system works for your students—online via Zoom, in person, fully remote learning, or a combination!

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Dynamic, Interactive Lesson Plans

Our program is currently available to middle and high schools in Lancaster, PA!

REAL Essentials

We use REAL Essentials in the classroom—a highly acclaimed curricula that suited for both middle and high school students.

What's REAL Essentials?

Lancaster County

Our program is currently available to middle and high schools in Lancaster, PA!

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