Empowered Youth

Education for Smart, Brave, Healthy Decisions

Relationship Education for Students & Teens


Education for Smart, Brave, Healthy Decisions

The Empowered Youth program provides relationship education for students and teens in Lancaster County. We are funded through a federal grant from the Family and Youth Services Bureau of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

It’s our goal to empower students to make healthy choices in their relationships.

We use a holistic approach to adolescent health that fosters healthy decision-making. We use proven, effective risk prevention strategies through presentations which are provided for FREE to partnering organizations and schools.

Our program

  • Uses medically-accurate and evidence-based curricula
  • Teaches age-appropriate risk prevention strategies that promote whole person wellness
  • Encourages respect for others, self-identify, recognizing worth, boundary setting, and future planning

Our educators

Mike Yowler

Certified Empowered Youth Educator

Matt Lau

Certified Empowered Youth Educator

Tanya Janoski

Certified Empowered Youth Educator